YANA K was created in 2003 by then 19 year old Yana Khromova with a boutique on Los Angeles hotspot Melrose Avenue.  Knowing she was born to be an Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon, she convinced her mother to invest in her boutique fashion concept instead of paying for Design School.

Initially with a focus on edgy sports relica dresses and tees, Yana’s Russian Heritage lead her to more Sophisticated and Detailed Couture Silhouttes including Silk Prints, Wovens and Faux Fur.  As the awareness quickly grew you could catch Hollywood’s new young bread of celebrity shopping Yana K, names like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Jenna Tatum, Lil Kim, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Simpson, Beyonce and Laila Ali.  Yana K became the Hot Ticket at Los Angeles Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and launched a Capsule Collaboration with Bebe Retail Stores. 

In 2010 Yana K transitioned from retail to wholesale as national and international (Japan, Middle East) demand began to grow.  Today Yana K is sold in Boutiques all over the United States. 

We Design with Pure Energy for the Yana K Woman. She is Elevated, Health, Style and Human Conscious. A Tri-Generational Woman with style for Career, Travel and Family Casual. Always on the go she appreciates and deserves quality, comfort and versatility all day all week. She is the Modern Women with an American Heritage.